In winter when the air conditioner suffered tension electricity voltage instability?

发表时间: 2017-12-29 15:00:51

In the peak period of electricity consumption in winter, the situation of voltage instability may appear in a certain situation, at this time, it is to see if the electric appliances in the home can be carried. If the voltage is unstable in use, the electrical appliance can not withstand the change of the voltage, it is likely to have short circuit or fault. Take the air conditioning, if the voltage is unstable, what should I do?

So, if the use of air conditioning and the situation of voltage instability, what on earth should we deal with?

First, it is difficult to start the compressor motor.

When the master switch is transferred to the cooling gear, pay attention to whether the compressor has been started to enter the running state. If it is not started, it should be shut down immediately. The restart can not be started again. The refrigeration should be suspended and then restart after the voltage is picked up. Don't switch to refrigeration file when people leave, because despite the compressor overload protection device frequently switched off, in case of the contact burning knot, a large current through the compressor motor winding may make it burn.

Low voltage air conditioning encounter how to make "the disaster" to "solve"?

At the instant of the start of the air conditioner, because the starting current is too large, the pointer of the ammeter can be instantaneously hit to the bottom, and then return to the normal working current value of the air conditioner (see the product manual). If the refrigerating capacity of 3480W (3000kcal/h) is 7.5A, the normal working current of the air conditioner is 7.5A. If the pointer of the ammeter is hit at the start, then the pointer returns to 1A, indicating that the compressor doesn't work, while the 1A current value only indicates that the wind turbine is working. At this time, the main control switch is used to cut off the compressor circuit.

Two, the compressor operation is unstable. The voltage fluctuation of the power grid will make the compressor run extremely abnormal, and sometimes it will stop automatically. In this case, the user application of main control switch off the circuit to prevent the compressor, the compressor motor windings burned.


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