40% intelligent toilet security hidden danger your toilet is safe?

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Recently, the State Quality Inspection Administration issued supervision and inspection results for 3 kinds of water-saving toilet products, 18 batches of substandard products for intelligent toilet, bidet, a single category of unqualified rate was 40%, and there were unqualified items endanger personal safety. Orans, Guanzhu, ssww and other well-known brand in the field of sanitary ceramics, occupy half of the country's "black list". Insiders say that the intelligent toilet industry has just started, and there is a serious lack of supervision and regulation. Some enterprises ignore the production standards or ignorant, resulting in the present situation. However, after the national inspection, people have collectively repented and promoted the production process.

40% disqualification of intelligent toilet

Hidden dangers of unqualified products endanger personal safety

It is understood that this test is the first time for the state to supervise the intelligent toilet products in the spot check of the toilet products. The total sample of 52 kinds of common toilet, 25 kinds of integrated intelligent toilet, 20 independent toilet bidet (electronic toilet cover), of which 18 batches of substandard products from smart toilet, bidet.

Related to personal health and safety checks for outstanding projects, the national quality inspection administration focus on testing the input power and current, fever, the operating temperature of the leakage current and electric strength, moisture resistance, leakage current and electric strength, heat resistance, flame resistance grounding measures and safety level of safety project. The results, many brands have crashed in the most basic project.

One of the worst disaster areas in the unqualified project is the flame-resistant performance of the seat ring of the intelligent toilet. It is reported that heat resistance and fire resistance are mandatory requirements for electrical safety standards. If the non-metallic materials in the electrical products do not meet the requirements of heat and fire resistance, accidents such as smoke and fire may occur when products fail or overloaded, which directly endanger users' personal safety. The 17 batch of product flame-proof test is not qualified, the main reason is that the enterprise does not add flame retardants or add fire retardant in the process of production. Orans, Omnitest, Guanzhu, ssww and Apollo brand products, there are the problems.

Another serious unqualified project is the grounding measure of the intelligent toilet. It is reported that this is also a mandatory requirement for electrical safety standards, and the failure of the project may cause an electric shock. 3 batches of products have this problem, and the products of the whales are again winning the bid. There are 1 batches of products, the fever does not meet the standard requirements. The high value of heat air temperature in the drying body will cause harm to the user.

A lot of fire incidents in the toilet

Some manufacturers do not understand the safety standards

Looking back on the past news, there have been too many fires in the intelligent toilet. In 2013, Mr. Liu's home in Dongguan opened fire on the Dongpeng smart toilet. "The whole toilet has collapsed, only lumps are left, and the upper left corner of the socket connected by the toilet plug is melted." At that time, people in the industry had analyzed the possibility that the flame-retardant of the toilet could not be flame-retardant. According to the Jianghuai morning newspaper, in 2012, in the rental house of a lady in a certain district of Hefei, Shanghai Orans bathroom company produced intelligent toilet and left a base on its own. The cause of the final accident investigation was not published in the above two accidents. In December 2014, according to the Chinese business newspaper, the intelligent toilet of Mr. Yuan's home in Xi'an was also spontaneous combustion, and the manufacturer's explanation was due to the aging of the line.

Is there any strict safety regulation for the production standard of intelligent toilet? Insiders pointed out that intelligent toilet has no complete standard at present. The toilet part of the product is in accordance with the standard of household electrical appliances and the lower part is produced according to the standard of sanitary ceramics. Subsequently, the reporter consulted the special requirements for safety toilets of household and similar electrical appliances (GB40706.53 - 2008), including the ground connection measures, heat resistance and fire resistance. Since the standards are clearly defined, why are there such a large proportion of products that are not qualified on important items of personal safety?

Huang Xinhong, Secretary General of the China Ceramic Industry Association Intelligent bathroom branch, told reporters in an interview with JINGWAH times that the intelligent toilet industry has been developing for more than ten years in China, but it has not been very hot. Its market acceptance is not high, and few people pay much attention to it. The traditional industry of some production enterprises is the sanitary ware. After the intelligent toilet project, the safety requirements of the toilet circle part of the electrical production are ignored. Some manufacturers can say that the production standard is not even known, and the result is so "terrible". For heat-resistant and Combustible Properties, Huang Xinhong said that adding flame retardants would increase production costs for some small manufacturers. "Add the flame retardant to reopen the mold, the cost is very high. There will be defects on the surface of the plastic, and there is a color difference between the seat ring and the seat cover. " So many small factories choose not to add. As for the emergence of ground measures and other issues, it is also proved that the manufacturer's quality control of the product is not strict.

But let JINGWAH Times reporters understand that small factory and shoddy work, such as Orans brand itself expensive products, why to save hundreds of dollars the cost of danger? Industry sources, in fact many brands of smart toilet are looking for downstream enterprises OEM, quality control is not good. The same problems.

The business involved has been completed

Unqualified products can be refundable

Last year, the news of the rush to buy intelligent toilet circles by the Japanese was a great concern for the smart toilet products. As the industry gets the attention of domestic consumers, the result of the national inspection


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